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1. How does the application of electronic invoices evolve? Will competition from private petroleum stations and smuggled gasoline be reduced?

PVOIL is researching e-invoice implementation in the whole system, is expected to officially put into use in 2019.

Electronic invoice helps to clear, proceed to minimize and eliminate trading smuggled.

In the coming time, the state regulations on the use of electronic invoices are mandatory to restrict the trading of petroleum from smuggled sources.

2. Please tell us the listing plan of the company?
PVOIL will list its shares on Hochiminh Stock Exchange as soon as the conditions are met, expectations can be made in 2019.
3. Assessing competition in the industry? Competitive advantage of PVOIL?

Domestic petroleum trading market currently includes 23 focal points (not count for 03 focal points for flying fuel business), and fierce competition not only in whole sale channels in the past but also there has also been a shift towards greater attention to retail channels through affiliated petroleum stations.

Competitive advantage of PVOIL is the infrastructure system for petroleum business is quite complete, synchronous from the system of petroleum storage, member business network, affiliated petroleum stations all over the market and there is plenty of room for growth.


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