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The development of Hai Lang petroleum station

Hai Lang petroleum station, which is under management of PVOIL Thua Thien - Hue locates in Hai Lang district, Quang Tri province.

Since starting operation in June 2011, the petroleum station was designed to sell 45m3 per month, serving local residents and drivers along the National Highway 1A.

However, the retail outlet has to face a fierce competition since the area has several petroleum stations. Sale has reduced to below 10m3 per month from previous 50m3 per month.

Overcoming the difficulty, leaders of PVOIL Thua Thien – Hue suggested sale department of company and all staffs of Hai Lang petroleum station to deploy measures to strengthen marketing to take full advantage of spacious facilities and good location on National Highway 1A.

Staffers began to distribute leaflets at car garages, private households having trucks, car, bus stations in Hue and Quang Tri and organize roadshows to propagate PVOIL's brand. They also organised promotional program including providing car wash, windshield cleaning, water.

The employees of Hai Lang petroleum station have built the image of a green, clean and beautiful petroleum retail outlet with implement professional and friendly services to attract more customers

In addition to the marketing efforts, employees at the petroleum station have been doing well with the PVOIL Easy program for corporate customers and those who use electronic payment methods.

This transaction method has quickly created an outstanding services among other competitors. It helped the Hai Lang petroleum station to increase sale revenue.

Thanks to the synchronous and persistent activities, since March 2019, the store has achieved a sales volume of 65m3 per month. Now, sales volume of the station has stabilized at an average of 95 m3 per month.

In particular, customers buying through the PVOIL Easy program are 10 corporate customers, with 80 trucks consuming 60m3 per month.

Since the end of January 2020, when most of stations in the system reported decline in sales due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Hai Lang petroleum station maintained well the sale volume, and prepared for growth output in the near future.

Staffs of Hai Lang petroleum station (photo taken in December 2019)

Employee of Hai Lang petroleum station is selling to customers

Customers buy fuel at Hai Lang petroleum station through PVOIL Easy program


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