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Rumor over PVOIL petroleum stations’ closure in Mekong Delta is untrue

Recently, there has been information stating that several petroleum stations in the Mekong Delta closed and suspended selling products to customers. Regarding this information, Mr. Dao Dinh Thiem, director of Petromekong Company, a subsidiary of PVOIL, has released specific information.

PVOIL petroleum stations remain operations

PVOIL Petroleum Station No. 58 in National Highway 91, Vinh My Ward, Chau Doc City, An Giang Province, which trades RON 95 gasoline, E5 RON 92 gasoline and DO oil, still operates.

As of February 6th, 2022, the retail outlet ran out of RON 95 gasoline, so it did not have enough RON 95 to sell. The store had to stop selling this type of products while still selling E5 RON 92 gasoline and DO oil.

On February 8th, 2022, the store imported 4,000 liters of RON 95 gasoline and continued to sell this item. On February 9th, 2022, the retail outlet continued to import 3,000 liters of RON 95 gasoline.

The store faced shortage of RON 95 on February 6th, 2022 since a number of petroleum stations in the locality suspended operations, leading to a sudden customer increase at PVOIL Petroleum Station No. 58.

As soon as the amount of RON 95 gasoline was about to run out, the store informed Petromekong to deliver more products from the Can Tho General Warehouse. However, traffic congestion in the delta caused the delivery trucks could reach the station in time.

When there was information on media about the closure, authorities of An Giang province worked and inspected the petroleum station. They determined that PVOIL Petroleum Station No. 58 did not suspend operation to hoard goods.

In An Giang, PVOIL has 15 petroleum stations (*). All PVOIL's retail outlets still operate normally.

PVOIL ensures enough petroleum supply as committed

Besides petroleum stations in PVOIL’s retail system, it also supplies petroleum to 56 partners who are distributors and retail franchisees in An Giang province including some petroleum stations of customers, dealers using the PVOIL brand.

On average, in the last 3 months of 2021, each month PVOIL provided approximately 2.8 million liters of petroleum of all kinds. In January 2022 alone, PVOIL supplied more than 3.1 million liters of petroleum (equivalent to 111% of the average of the last 3 months of 2021).

This amount of petroleum PVOIL provided following the demands of customers in January 2022 and the first days of February 2022. According to the delivery schedule agreed between Petromekong and customers, the delivery date for February 2022 starts from February 7th, 2022.

In order to ensure enough supply of petroleum to customers, Petromekong has actively worked and informed customers to reach neighboring warehouses of PVOIL to receive goods and transport to their petroleum stations. However, in the first days of the year, traffic density increased, so the delivery of goods was slower than expected. However, PVOL still ensured the supply of goods as committed.

PVOIL Petroleum No. 58 still opens and serves all kinds of petroleum

(*) List of PVOIL stations in An Giang province


Petroleum station



Petroleum station No. 54

Trung Bac Hung Hamlet, Nhon Hung Commune, Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province


Petroleum station No.55

Provincial Road 942, Hoa Thuong Hamlet, Kien An Commune, Cho Moi District, An Giang Province


Petroleum station No. 56

Phu An Hamlet, Phu Hoa Town, Thoai Son District, An Giang Province


Petroleum station No.57

370/7A Tay Khanh 4 Hamlet, My Hoa Ward, Long Xuyen city, An Giang Province


Petroleum station No.58

National Highway 91, Vinh My Ward, Chau Doc City, An Giang Province


Petroleum station No.59

151A Provincial Road No. 943, Son Dong Hamlet, Vong Dong Commune, Thoai Son District, An Giang Province


Petroleum station No. 60

An Hoa A Cluster, Ba Chuc Town, Tri Ton District, An Giang Province


Petroleum station No.61

TL 941, Block 1, Tri Ton Town, Tri Ton District, An Giang Province


Petroleum station No.62

Giong Cat Hamlet, Luong An Tra Commune, Tri Ton District, An Giang Province


Petroleum station No. 63

Vinh Hoa Hamlet, Lac Quoi Commune, Tri Ton District, An Giang Province


Petroleum station No.64

To Loi Hamlet, Co To Commune, Tri Ton District, An Giang Province


Petroleum station No.65

Ninh Hoa Hamlet, An Tuc Commune, Tri Ton District, An Giang Province


Petroleum station No.66

222 Tran Hung Dao, My Thoi Ward, Long Xuyen City, An Giang Province


Petroleum station No.67

Ninh Thanh Hamlet, An Tuc Commune, Tri Ton District, An Giang Province


Petroleum station No.68

Provincial Road 954, Long Hung 2 Hamlet, Long Son Ward, Tan Chau Town, An Giang Province


List of application from banks allowing customers to proceed non-cash payment at PVOIL and COMECO petroleum stations






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