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PVOIL's free drinking water pots brings the feeling of “Let miles be smile”

Pots of ice tea, plain water put along streets and corners are familiar images to numerous of passersby. However, most of the offerings come from voluntary activities of motorbike drivers or shopkeepers … and more and more people are loving those pots of water amid growing demands of people.

Based on the reality, taking full advantage of the existing petroleum retail outlet system nationwide, PVOIL deployed program entitled “Free water offered to everyone” at more than 300 PVOIL petroleum stations.

PVOIL installed 40-liter metal pots at petroleum stations at busy residential areas having laborers and students. Water (plain water, ice tea, eugenia tea...). The water pots are usually put in front of petroleum stations where everyone can easily see. It is free for everyone, not only for petroleum fillers at the stations.

This is one of charity activities of PVOIL. The kind activity not only proves PVOIL’s effort in improving quality of products and services at petroleum stations, but conveys PVOIL’s message as “Let miles be smile”.

Visiting Binh Tho petroleum station in Thu Duc District Ho Chi Minh City, we received opinion from taxi driver Thanh: “I drive around Thu Duc and usually stops in front of PVOIL petroleum station, PVOIL always gives me good impression because staff here often offer programs to support the community, especially daily laborers. Thanks to the program, I can save money for buying water every day.

A lottery ticket vendors Lan said: “Walking a long distance for selling these tickets is a must. I am tired of hot weather. Sometimes, I feel thirsty, but I dare not buying a cup of sugarcane juice to save my pennies. PVOIL petroleum station offering me a lot of ticket buyers gives me free water. Thankful”.

Nam, a worker for a construction project near the station said: “I am a loyal customers at PVOIL petroleum station for running trucks working at the construction site, quality and attitude of staff are perfect. It is great to have meaningful program offering water to laborers like me. It is a good image. I hope PVOIL to continue with voluntary task”.


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