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Pvoil youths nationwide organize campaigns to assist the community

In response to movements for keeping green environment, more than 200 members of Vietnam Communist Youth Union, who are staff members of PVOIL across the country participated voluntary campaigns to support the community by cleaning the environment at localities where the corporation has offices. The activities took place between April 20th and 21st 2019

In specific, Communist Youth Union members working for PVOIL in Hanoi cleaned the environment near Thanh Cong lake in the capital city. Members of Communist Youth Union of Timexco handled tasks near Ly Te Xuyen Street in Ho Chi Minh City’s Thu Duc district. Youth Union at PVOIL Dinh Vu and PVOIL Hai Phong removed ads attached on walls and electric poles along Ha Ly Street, Hai Phong city’s Hong Bang district.

PVOIL Saigon’s youth union members cleared environment at polluted canals, collected garbage, unstopped sewers near Bien Hoa Mentality Hospital in Dong Nai province while youths of PVOIL Nha Be cleaned the environment at canals near corporation’s petroleum storages in Nha Be district, Ho Chi Minh City.

In Nam Dinh province, PVOIL youths collected waste, cleared bush near Trang An petroleum station and Quang Truong petroleum station and part of Giai Phong street near petroleum resettlement area. PVOIL youths in Binh Thuan province collected rubbish near Ke Ga and Lagi beach. In Phu Yen province, PVOIL youngsters clear the environment along beach near Vung Ro petroleum storage.

PVOIL youth in central region cleaned the war martyr cemetery in Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province while PVOIL youth in Tay Ninh province removed waste in a section of canal in Hoa Thanh district. Youth union of Thua Thiên – Hue province performed their environment tasks at Chan May Economic Zone while their colleagues in Vung Tau collected garbage near radar station.

Those activities were among campaigns of PVOIL youth to help and educate the community to protect the environment. During sunny days of April, with voluntary spirits to support the community, the youngsters wanted to say that PVOIL does not focus on doing business but paying attention to the society.

Here below are photos of those activities:

PVOIL Tay Ninh youths collect rubbish on canal in Hoa Thanh district.

PVOIL Binh Thuan youths clean the environment on the beach.

Youngsters of PVOIL Dinh Vu and PVOIL Hai Phong clean roat near Hong bang district in Hai Phong.

PVOIL Ha Noi youths perform voluntary tasks near Thanh Cong lake.

Youths of PVOIL Vung Tau clear garbage at radar station.

Youths of PVOIL central region collect waste in Binh Son War Martyr Cemetery

PVOIL Saigon’s youngsters work on the environment at Bien Hoa Mentality Hospital.

PVOIL youth in Thua Thien Hue remove garbage at Chan May Economic Zone.

Timexco’s youth perform green campaign in Thu Duc district, Ho Chi Minh City.

Youngsters of PVOIL Phu Yen collect rubbish near Vung Ro port.



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