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PVOIL proposes stop selling petroleum to drivers under influence of alcohol

In recent days, customers to PVOIL’s petroleum stations saw standees installed at easily seen area saying “Be responsible. You owe it to yourself, your family and society, please don’t drive under the influence of alcohol”. The message has created deep impression and creativity in traffic safety propaganda and education. Several customers expressed their strong support to the corporation’s education method and the meaningful message.

A standee saying “Be responsible. You owe it to yourself, your family and society, please don’t drive under the influence of alcohol” at a PVOIL’s petroleum station

The initiative proves PVOIL’s responsibility to the society and community. The corporation’s message to the community has been seen as creative, practical and meaningful while traffic accident situation and number of people killed by traffic accident under influence of alcohol has become a pressing issue about traffic culture and traffic safety in the country.

Directly educating drivers who arrive at petroleum stations for filling fuel is a good way to access right people who need the helpful remind. With the petroleum station system nationwide and huge number of customers, the program is expected to bring effectiveness and the education method will be widely applied in the upcoming times.

Answering reporters about the program, PVOIL’s Vice President Nguyen Tuan Tu said: “The number of traffic accident keep increasing recently and several accidents were caused by drunk driving. The awkwardness encourages PVOIL to act and to contribute the society in educating drivers. We believe that the retail system with more than 600 petroleum stations nationwide will contribute much to the propaganda program. We hope every customers buying petroleum at our stations will have a few minutes to think about themselves and their families… By the way, PVOIL proposes the government to have regulations preventing selling petroleum to drunk drivers. As a petroleum enterprise, we expect to sell as much petroleum as possible. However, thinking of consequences of drunk driving, PVOIL is willing to sacrifice its benefit for the common benefit.”

Of course, in order to make a decision to “refuse selling petroleum to drivers under influence of alcohol”, the government need to have several tasks to complete. After all, this is also a solution needs to be considered by the government to partly limit traffic accident ./.



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