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Petrovietnam organizes conference to review communication and business culture building tasks

On the morning of July 5, at Vung Tau city, PetroVietnam organized a conference to review the communication task and achievements of business culture building in the corporation.

The conference was organized to educate and implement resolutions and business plans decided by PetroVietnam leaders for second half of 2019 and following years.

The event was chaired by the group’s Party Committee member and President Le Manh Hung and Tran Quang Dung, who is also PVN’s Party Committee member and head of Communication and Business Culture Committee at the corporation.

The conference received participation from the leaders of central boards and sectors, including vice head of Central Economic Commission’s Industry Department Nguyen Ngoc Trung; Head of Propaganda and Education Commission for central State-owned enterprises Nguyen Van Tam.

For PetroVietnam, the conference was attended by members of PVN Board of Management Dinh Van Son, Nguyen Hung Dung, Phan Ngoc Trung; Dr. Ngo Thuong San, head of Vietnam Petroleum Association. The conference was also attended by leaders of departments, offices for political – social issues, profession associations under the corporation; others who are Party leaders, chairman, presidents, principles at institutions under the corporation, officials in-charge of communication and enterprise culture and those who directly give advices for communication and education and propaganda tasks on enterprise culture at PetroVietnam’s divisions.

Delegates at the conference discussed main contents including: Resolution No. 281/NQ-ĐU about communication and building business culture signed by the corporation’s Party Committee on May 15th 2019; plan to implement the tasks; plan for working with media, and strategy for building business culture.

Giving priority for communication

At the conference, PetroVietnam’s Party Committee member and head of Communication and Business Culture Committee Tran Quang Dung introduced Resolution No. 281/NQ-ĐU on communication and building business culture signed by the corporation’s Party Committee on May 15th 2019.

Acknowledging the importance of communication and business culture, right after the second Party Congress of the corporation (term 2015 – 2020) was organized, PVN Party Committee and leaders ordered subordinate leaders to make plan for boosting communication and business culture. During the restructuring process in 2018, PetroVietnam established Communication and Business Culture Committee. Thanks to the new division, communication task at the corporation gave satisfactory achievements, contributing to bring prompt and accurate information about operation of the corporation. The committee plays vital role in creating connection between communication task and education and propaganda with social events. The committee also built close relationship with media which helped dealing with inaccurate information that negatively affected corporation and divisions’ operations.

Besides, PVN also published Petroleum Culture handbook, ethical principles for PetroVietnam’s leaders and officials. The achievements partly contributed to the completion at exceeding level of targets of the corporation during the previous months with a lot of challenges.

Resolution No. 281/NQ-ĐU proposes concrete targets for the communication tasks which has to obtain adequate, accurate and prompt information on media in order to protect and enhance credibility, image, business brand of the corporation. The resolution aims at limiting at lowest level of negative information that affect the corporation and its divisions.

The strategy aims at optimizing and gathering resources to create connection in the corporation for better quality and effectiveness of communication activities in the corporation with the guideline “giving priority for communication”.

The target of building business culture is to create awareness unity from leaders to employees about the corporation value, recalling the pride on the tradition and creating unique culture of people working in petroleum sector. The culture is expected to help petroleum workers to follow the guideline “Self-determination – Solidarity – Innovation – Action”.

Implementing the resolution decided by PVN leaders on boosting communication and business culture, the group built specific plan which closely matches with actual situation of the corporation and divisions.

Following instructions from corporation leaders and suggestion from Communication and Business Culture Board, divisions, boards, and unions of the group have to report information about advantages and difficulties, business achievements, and policy that impacts PVN operation to media. The project encourages providing information to media regularly to win public support to petroleum sector.

Social media, other communication channels including digital equipment will be salvaged to provide adequate information to win community support for petroleum sector.

New Energy newspaper and Petroleum Magazine will be asked to build column on international energy. This new column will add further content about international cooperation activities of the group. This new column will also be a key channel for international petroleum organizations and foreign petroleum companies operating in Vietnam to stay in touch with PetroVietnam and local market.

Communication board needs to keep up with enterprise’s activities

Speaking at the conference, President of Binh Son Oil Refinery Bui Minh Tien said, during the process of building business culture, there will be shortcomings, especially when business leaders operate the business with tenure psychology. Therefore, State-owned enterprises should build community culture which helps corporation keep growing when leading position changed. Another mistake is to build business culture without a long term vision. In other to build business culture successfully, the basic thing should be given priority such as creating good habits for staff. This will be good background for a sustainable business culture.

According to Tien, top leaders should pay sufficient attention to the task of building business culture, because the project will not get success if leaders don’t want to spend much time and effort on it. The attention of leaders will give staff members great motivation in keeping business culture good. During the process of building business culture, guidelines should be carried out with actual actions.

For communication task, Tien said, communication teams should respect and ask for support from leaders and staff. Thanks to that manner, the communication teams can catch up with activities of the enterprise and contribute effectiveness of business operation.

Son Tung M-TP phenomenon is good example for effective communication

Sharing opinion at the conference, President of BIENDONG POC Ngo Huu Hai said, staying at the fourth industrial revolution, tasks of communication and business culture – business development strategy – business resources is considered three most important things for the business to survive and develop. Without these elements, enterprises is not able to exist and grow well.

It is essential and urgent to invest more in communication and business culture building in the context with several elements which directly produce negative impact to PVN’s image and credibility. The project also help people working in petroleum sector feeling proud of the tradition of the sector and prevent negative information that damages image of the corporation.

During the past years, following instruction from PetroVietnam, BIENDONG POC actively carried out communication tasks and collected satisfactory results initially. One of typical communication events the PVN division carried out is 10th anniversary of BIENDONG POC, returning to the root program at Sen Village, hometown of Uncle HO, Back-up: Salute the flag ceremony on the sea, photo exhibition,…

For internal communication task, BIENDONG POC determines that internal communication is an important management tool for better business operation and building enterprise culture by providing accurate and prompt information to workers.

BIENDONG POC has successfully built internal communication system using various channels including intranet, social media, Viber and others. The internal communication has been working effectively. The system create good environment for interaction between leaders and employees.

In building business culture, as a joint venture company with Russia, BIENDONG POC built business culture based on Vietnamese and Russian culture. The culture can be seen on PVN culture handbook and Gazprom culture handbook. BIENDONG POC has been carrying out step by step on building company culture, making working environment safe, professional and effective.

Especially, Hai reminded phenomenon from MV “Give it to me” of Singer Son Tung M-TP. The MV earning 31 view after over 24 hours was listed the most view MV in Asia. Hai said it was a good example for communication.

Creative communication for effectiveness

PVOIL President & CEO Cao Hoai Duong said, PVOIL itself knows that communication plays vital role in business operation of the corporation. However, due to the shortage of manpower and budget for the task.

At PVOIL, communication task is deployed with close connection and give priority to advantages of the corporation and resources are also fully salvaged to save expense. Moreover, PVOIL pay much attention to creativeness in proceeding communication task for the best result. Working with media, PVOIL always provides objective and accurate information about corporation’s activities and choose prestige newspaper for communication cooperation.

Experience in dealing with communication crisis

At the conference, Journalist Nguyen Nhu Phong pointed out mistakes people usually meet performing communication tasks, such as using communication as a tool for making a command for subjective thinking of company’s leaders; using communication to go against the truth and public opinion; considering communication task as not important thing to invest in and give no attention to offering training to communication staff.

Phong said several companies mistakenly see communication a toll for promoting business image, products, but the statistics about business achievements are not reported correctly.

Journalist Nguyen Nhu Phong shared his experience on the way of conducting communication and tackle with crisis. In communication task, enterprises should be active in providing honest and transparent information to media. Communication group should actively write news articles and provide pictures to media. Communication groups has to predict crisis risk whenever they plan to organize events and prepare plan to deal with the crisis.

Employees in the communication group have to work have have knowledge as professional journalists. They are able to write articles and provide photos to media upon request.

Scenario to face with communication crisis should be prepared for all levels of crisis. The corporation should build regulation in providing information to the press. One of core fundamentals is that corporate leaders should never go against media.

Concluding the conference, PetroVietnam President & CEO Le Manh Hung appreciated the role and important contribution of communication to the corporation’s development.

With the aim at renovating communication task and revamp business culture PVN President Hung requested divisions to seriously follow instructions from the corporation leaders on improving communication task and building business culture.

He asked the corporation to upgrade the communication system and continue building business culture at the corporation and divisions for fully using resources for this important tasks. Especially, leaders at divisions need to pay close attention on the task implementation.

In building business culture, PetroVietnam President & CEO Le Manh Hung suggested divisions building unique culture based on PetroVietnam’s existing characteristics and culture. Culture on effectiveness and unity at work should be promoted.

For communication task, the corporation needs to build plan and organize communication project in active position using all of resources from parent company and divisions for the common targets.

President & CEO Le Manh Hung steered Communication and Business Culture Board to receive opinions and experiences from the speeches presented at the conference for building plan for effective communication, contributing to sustainable development of the corporation.

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