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Domestic petroleum is produced under strict quality control system

Petroleum produced domestically is always put under strict quality management and observation instructed by the State regulations. Moreover, petroleum enterprises’ voluntary in adopting quality control process is essential and important manner that helps producing qualified products for consumers.

Petroleum is among commodities the State puts under strict control from every phase of production from import, production and delivery to customers. In Vietnam, most of domestic petroleum is made by Dung Quat Oil Refinery, Nghi Son Oil Refinery and some other small liquefied petroleum gas producers.

Petroleum produced by the two refineries is accounted for 80 to 85% of domestic market demand. As a major petroleum producer and distributor in Vietnam, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group and its divisions especially pay attention on delivering qualified products to customers by adopting strict quality control from factories to at retail outlet system nationwide.

Petroleum produced by Dung Quat and Nghi Son Refineries is available at most of petroleum stations invested by Petrolimex, PVOIL, Saigon Petro, Military Petroleum Corporation, Petimex Dong Thap, Thalexim and others.

The quality control procedures at the two oil refineries is conducted in all phases of the production line, from processing to mixing with quality control system meeting ISO 9001 standard. Therefore, petroleum products must satisfy required standard placed by the State and the refineries themselves before it is transported to retail outlet systems.

In addition, every year units of Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality and oil refineries have to examine quality control system and perform sample testing for the products. Moreover, in specific situations, these products must pass stricter quality requirements according to agreement in commercial contracts.

While conducting delivery tasks, petroleum enterprises under PetroVietnam complete all of regulations of the State, ensuring that every liters of petroleum meet required quality.

In order to produce qualified products meeting required standards, PVOIL signed contracts with authorities for regular product quality inspection and certification awarding to imported and blended petroleum products at the company. When delivering petroleum products to customers, the company staffs are asked to inspect tankers before pumping petroleum, making sure that the product quality remain unchanged.

Petroleum receivers are provided adequate information about product origin, quality certificates of the product, samples. PVOIL staffs provide and save samples properly before having the storages vehicles sealed carefully. Especially, when discovering any elements that may degrade petroleum quality, they make reports, tracing for causes and propose solution to correct the shortcomings.

The procedures and regulations are clear evidences that PetroVietnam’s oil refineries have been investing much in technology with advanced equipment and standardized quality control system for producing and trading qualified products.

In order to have stabled petroleum supply with high quality serving demands of the people and the country, beside obeying State regulations in conducting regular product quality inspection, oil refineries have to update technology for enhancing product quality serving customers and protecting environment.

When petroleum enterprises give top priority for building and keeping credibility, they are able to sell products with clear origin and high quality bringing consumers more confident when using the products. Qualified petroleum helps securing consumers’ properties and contributing to the country’s economic development.

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