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VOC 2018 officially started. PVOIL companion with Off-road racing as Platinum Sponsor

In the morning of Septemper 29th 2018, the Vietnam Offroad Cup (VOC) 2018 was opened at the Cultural Village of Vietnam (Dong Mo, Son Tay, Hanoi). On September 29th and 30th 2018, 81 racers were divided into four class (pickup truck, basic, advanced and extended).

As a Platinum Sponsor, PVOIL has exclusively funded all petrol for the Organizing Committee's vehicles and participating teams.

The VOC 2018 is truly exciting, not only a playground for car enthusiasts and off-road enthusiasts in Vietnam, but also a passion for sport, speed and challenge spirit. This is the largest and oldest Off-road racing in Việt Nam organized by the Otofun.net forum. VOC 2018 is also a chance to exchange, share and improve safety driving skills and develop community activities.

With its position as one of the largest petroleum trading companies in the country, PVOIL continues to companion with VOC 2018, marking the three consecutive years of accompanying and sponsoring petroleum monopoly; contributing to the success of the tournament as well as its efforts to contribute to the development of Off-road racing sport in Vietnam.

More than 6,000 liters of gasoline, oil has been supplied to the mighty tanks on the road to conquer the fierce challenges of the tournament as well as provide on the journey of the race cars from provinces and cities across the country. moved to Hanoi to participate in the tournament.

PVOIL also introduced PVOIL Lube, Tien Hai natural mineral water, PVOIL Care, ... Through its role as Platinum Sponsor, PVOIL hopes to bring its brand, image closer to consumers and affirm the position of prestige brand, professional.



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