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PVOIL Vung Ang Petroleum Station’s staff bravely captures a robber

At 19:20 on January 17th 2020, Dang Ngoc Hanh, a staff of PVOIL Vung Ang Petroleum Station in Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province, detained a man who failed to rob all of the money from selling petroleum.

Thai Manh Giap had pretended to be a customer at the station before he used a knife putting on Hanh’s neck and instructed him to give all the money collected from selling petroleum. The robber forced Hanh to show the safe put inside the store.

The robber used his right hand stabbing at Hanh’s abdomen when he hesitated showing him the money. Fortunately, Hanh could manage and avoided the attack. He pulled and restrained the robber to the ground. He then called for support.

The incident was recorded by cameras. The robber was arrested and handed over to the Huong Son District Police.

PVOIL leaders and PVOIL Vung Ang leaders promptly commended and rewarded Hanh for his bravery.

Immediately after the incident, PVOIL requested visual propaganda in all of petroleum stations: there are no cash in the stores, and surveillance camera system always operating 24/24 to early alert for intentional objects robbing money at petroleum stations.

In the shortest time, PVOIL will organize training courses on "anti-robbery, self-protection" for all staff at the petroleum stations system.

PVOIL leaders promptly rewarded the bravery of Dang Ngoc Hanh

Warning signs: there are no cash in the store and surveillance camera systems are available 24/24



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