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PVOIL: pay by smartphone applications when buying gasoline

After nearly two years of preparation and installation, PVOIL introduced digital payment system to customers buying petroleum at its retail outlet system.

The corporation officially launched PVOIL Easy on February 6th 2018, enabling customers to proceed payment on their smartphones by using QR code.

With accumulated experience when serving corporate customers, PVOIL was confident in expanding the service to individual customers. It has been actively cooperate with various business ecosystems, digital payment applications with the aim at utilizing benefit and facilities for customers when buying essential commodities like petroleum.

In specific, PVOIL Easy links with electronic voucher GOTIT from April 3rd 2019. The application has also linked with ViettelPay, VCBPay, VCB Mobile Banking and 15 associated banks of Vietcombank from June 20th 2019. The cooperation helps PVOIL to access several tens of million customers, creating trend of non-cash payment.

Customers using the apps can proceed electronic payment easily at 618 petroleum stations of PVOIL, COMECO and associated petroleum companies of PVOIL nationwide.

After a short period of time since the service was introduced, number of digital transactions by individual customers has been growing quickly. As of August 15th 2019, PVOIL Easy has 20,000 transactions at PVOIL petroleum stations.

Pursuing the target of creating convenience to customers, in August 2019, PVOIL completed connecting with digital wallet MOMO, an application with 12 million users.

So far, PVOIL has been the only among petroleum enterprises applying digital payment service with QR code. Though this is a new payment method, PVOIL Easy operates well offering customers opportunity to access trendy payment method. The update also created advantage for PVOIL in the market./.



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