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PVOIL deploys drastic measures to fight against Covid-19 pandemic

In the double-whammy situation of the coronavirus pandemic spreading worldwide and the decline in oil prices due to the oil price war, PVOIL has been deploying drastic measures to prevent epidemics, ensure production, secure safety for employees.

From March 18, 2020, PVOIL and its subsidiaries allows up to 50% of employees working from home to ensure their health and safety as well as curb the spread of the virus in the community.

From March 27, 2020, a majority of employees began to work from home while a number of leaders and employees still work in the company’s office to handle urgent matters.

Therefore, when the Government implemented a 15-day social distancing (from April 1, 2020), PVOIL was ready for this policy.

PVOIL strengthens online meetings; the corporation build and apply regulations and processes of remote work handling to meet the requirements of administrative management, information security; import and export of crude oil; goods export, including contingency / replacement plans to secure supplies when a locality is completely blocked in the worst case scenario.

The fire safety procedures were also informed at PVOIL’s units, especially when people began to buy petroleum for storing due to low oil prices.

In addition, PVOIL has a large number of employees who are directly selling products at its petroleum retail outlets nationwide; having to communicate with customers and receive cash during transactions, the employees are at risk of contracting coronavirus.

Recognizing the risk, PVOIL equips employees with safety helmets with plastic sheet to prevent virus when communicate with customers.

PVOIL has also been promoting its non-cash payment solutions to customers. This is a unique competitive service of PVOIL and a solution to help limit the risk of disease transmission.

With the above solutions, PVOIL's Board of Directors and employees have been ready and proactive to change the operational status during the social distancing time, while ensuring production and business.

Employees of PVOIL Vung Ang’s petroleum station are equipped with helmets with plastic sheets to prevent COVID-19 when communicating with customers.

Employees of PVOIL Ha Noi’s petroleum station are equipped with helmets with plastic sheets to prevent COVID-19 when communicating with customers.


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