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PVOIL and Vinfast service company - Vingroup: cooperate on the development of business which each side has its strengths

On October 25, in Hanoi, PVOIL and Vinfast service conmpany – Vingroup signed a business cooperation agreement between the two companies. This cooperation aims to increase the efficiency and develop the market share of petroleum and non-petroleum services, especially to catch up with the trend of development of electric cars in the coming time, cooperate in the areas of business where each side has its strengths.

Mr. Cao Hoai Duong - President & CEO of PVOIL, and Mr. Hoang Quoc Quyen CEO of Vinfast service (representative of Vingroup), signed a cooperation agreement with the witness of leaders of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group and leaders of Vingroup. Accordingly, the two sides will aim to deploy the installation of charging points for electric vehicles at PVOIL’s petroleum stations and authorized agents of PVOIL; to invest in building, expanding and trading non-petroleum services (convenience stores, automobile repair stations...) at PVOIL’s petroleum stations; to cooperate in building and trading petroleum stations in urban centers and industrial parks of Vingroup; to prioritize the use of products and services of each party (PVOIL Easy, PVOIL Mobile, VinMec, VinSchool, VinHomes...).

Mr. Nguyen Vu Truong Son - CEO of Vietnam Oil and Gas Group recognized and appreciated PVOIL has made rapid progress, strong and solid in the process of business strategy planning; formulate and organize the development of petroleum distribution systems; has gradually built up the reputation and enhance the position, brand PVOIL with customers in and outside the country.With a system of nearly 600 affiliated petroleum stations, PVOIL is the leading petroleum distributor in Vietnam with a system of petroleum stations covering all provinces and cities throughout the country. In addition to improving the quality of service in the more civilized and professional petroleum stations, PVOIL has been very quick in pioneering the application of new technologies and solutionsto bring superior benefits for customers. Petrovietnam will support PVOIL to maximize its potential and strength in cooperation with Vingroup.

Vice Chairman of Vingroup - Mr. Le Khac Hiep said: Vingroup is the largest private corporation in Vietnam, do business in many fields, operate professionally, effectively andhave large market capitalization value in Vietnam. Vinfast service is a member of Vingroup; although newly established, but Vinfast service is moving fast and firmly on the road of realizing the aspiration to build the automobile industry in Vietnam to reach the international level.

The signing ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement is a precursor, which is the source of future PVOIL and Vingroup. With the advantages of each party, this cooperation will surely resonate, spread and bring great benefits in the future and let together “go further” in realizing the mission and vision of each unit.

Here are some photos of the signing ceremony:






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