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Be responsible. You owe it to yourself, your family and society, please don’t drive while under the influence of alcohol

This is a message by PVOIL that was sent to the corporation’s employees and customers. Recently, there has been an increase in serious traffic collisions, several that were investigated and reported determined that driving intoxicated was among main causes of the accidents. It is heartbreaking and often leaves many lost for words upon hearing the tragic news. These tragic accidents leave numerous consequence that impact not only the drivers themselves, it also impacts their families and society.

Drivers who break the law will face the consequences of their actions, sadly however in many of these accidents they are not able to keep their lives and realize their fault. But why do their victims, family members, who do not make any wrongdoings, have to suffer the unpredicted consequences caused by irresponsibility of strangers.
Everyone may have these questions in their mind. Surely, nobody wants their relatives to become victims of a traffic accident. Each individual, family and society need to act to avoid the tragedy.

The worrisome encourages PVOIL to raise message “BE RESPONSIBLE TO YOURSELF, YOUR FAMILY AND SOCIETY, PLEASE DON’T DRIVE DRUNK”. PVOIL puts the message at more than 550 petroleum stations in the retail system nationwide. PVOIL hopes its customers read the message and think about themselves and families while buying petroleum … PVOIL believes that more customers will stop driving while getting drunk.

Thuan, who lives in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, said: “I have to drive every day. So, I have sense of traffic safety. I am breadwinner in my family. If I get traffic accident, my family will face the misfortune. Driving drunk is unacceptable. I protest this bad behavior. When getting drunk, people don’t have a smart brain, so it is risky. I suggest the government to have strict solutions to prevent people drive when getting drunk. As a petroleum retailer, I think PVOIL has proved responsibility to the community and society. I like your message.”

“I have been working as a coach diver for more than 10 years. Every day, I have to carry a huge number of passengers. The first thing I am aware of protecting my life and my passengers’ lives. Therefore, I have not drunk a drop of wine and beer at work though I love drinking. I always drink when I don’t work and take taxi home. PVOIL’s message is necessary for customers who approach the stations for filling petroleum. It reminds everybody to drive with responsibility.” – Tai, a coach driver.

Lan Anh, who lives in Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City said: “The standee caught my attention when I reach the petroleum station for filling gasoline. It is interesting and meaningful. There have been so many traffic accidents caused by drunk drivers recent days. I feel worried for the traffic situation in the country. I hope the government will pay close attention and have effective solutions to limit traffic accident. I highly appreciate PVOIL’s initiative to launch meaningful programme to support the community beside the main business. PVOIL launched this message timely.”



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