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Customers to buy petroleum at PVOIL retail outlets with GOT IT gift vouchers

With determination to become a vanguard in applying technology for petroleum retail, in 2018, PetroVietnam Oil Corporation (PVOIL) launched PVOIL Easy program offering customers a modern payment method and effective budget management solution. The technology has been receiving high appreciations from increasing number of customers. Following the success, PVOIL is popularizing the service and adding more functions to the PVOIL Easy payment system to meet increasing client demands.

Beside post-paid and cashless payment methods, PVOIL Easy is ready to coordinate with various payment methods to satisfy demands of customers including individuals and organizations. The updated technology will mainly focus on institutional customers, creating a modern payment method which has become a new trend in global market.

The market has appeared several types of payment methods such as electronic banking system, digital wallets, gift vouchers, … By integrating and diversifying payment methods in the PVOIL Easy system, PVOIL offers customers the most favorable conditions while filling petroleum.

The technology update is expected to bring PVOIL a large amount of individual and institutional customers who are available with these payment channels. This is also an important step to realize the corporation’s strategy to boost sale revenue through retail outlet system.

With the technology applied on PVOIL Easy, PVOIL is confident that the number of individual customers will expand quickly. The corporation is ready to coordinate with other ecosystems, modern payment applications to keep with the growing cashless payment trend in the world. The update also aims optimizing customers’ benefit while buying petroleum at PVOIL retail outlets.

From April 3th 2019, PVOIL customers with GOT IT gift voucher are able to buy petroleum at every retail outlet of PVOIL nationwide.

According to the plan, PVOIL Easy will cooperate with ViettelPay, digital banking services such as VCB-Mobile B@nking and VCBPAY…, allowing customers to proceed payment at PVOIL petroleum stations via those modern and popular mobile payment applications.


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