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Honoring “Distinctive Labor, Creative Labor” in the whole Vietnamese oil and gas sector

On August 14th, Vietnamese Oil and Gas sector’s Trade Union has organized a Summative Conference for the propaganda of “Distinctive Labors, Creative Labors” in the oil and gas sector during 2007 – 2012.

Mr. Ha Duy Dinh made an opening speech for the conference.

Participants include Mr. Hoang Ngoc Thanh, Vice Chairman of Vietnam General Confederation of Labor (VGCL) and representatives from VGCL Executive Committee; Mr. Phung Dinh Thuc, Chairman of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group and members of Consulting Board; Board of General Directors; Mr. Ngo Thuong San, Chairman of Vietnam Oil and Gas Association; Mr. Ha Duy Dinh, Chairman of Trade Union of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group; members of Trade Union Executive Committee and many distinctive labors and creative labors in the whole oil and gas sector.

The conference is organized in order to honor 141 out of 491 labors who are awarded “Distinctive labors, Creative labors” and 49 individuals receiving Ho Chi Minh Award on behalf of more than 72,000 staff and workers from the Oil and Gas Sector.

Mr. Phung Dinh Thuc made a speech at the conference

For the past 5 years there have been intelligent and creative labors in oil and gas sector, there have been 258 topics of scientific research, more than 739 initiatives for technical improvement and patents which are acknowledged, bringing benefits of over USD 52 million and VND 380 billion to the sector and to the country respectively. The propaganda “Distinctive labors, creative labors” is promoted in compliance with oil and gas sector, which is always leading in the perception of advanced sciences and technologies in the world, creatively applying in each task of exploring, exploiting and processing oil and gas. Mr. Ha Huy Dinh, Chairman of Trade Union of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group said in the opening speech.

Mr. Phung Dinh Thuc awarded merit certificates to creative labors of oil and gas sector.

Achievements in the propaganda “Distinctive labors, creative labors” of the sector have become a cultural beauty, a factor to decisive contribution to the current appearance and stature of Oil and Gas Sector, firstly being shown clearly and vividly in the leadership and direction of many generations of leaders in General Board of Directors of Oil and Gas Corporation and Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group. They also help prove the activeness creativeness of union levels in the expertise co-ordination in order to organize various types of contest, in compliance with specific characteristics of the unit, then promoting the stable business and production and bringing back the practical benefits for labors, enterprises and the State.

In the event distinctive labors have shared their “know-how” as well as their feelings and expectation. In general, there are ideas that it is necessary to create more favorable conditions for more typically creative labors. Each individual who wants to have initiatives should love his career and have passion for learning thinking and acting, etc.

Ms. Bui Mai Thanh Tu, staff of Oil and Gas Chromatography Laboratory of Vietsovpetro Joint Venture one of the representatives said: some initiatives of staff can be measured in money but some can not be converted they just can be formed if labors possess working spirit, responsibility, thinking and action.

Entities received flags and merit certificates from Vietnamese General Trade Union.

Talking with “young initiators” of oil and gas sector

Being young initiators of Vietnamese Oil and Gas sector, Mr. Tran Nhat Huy, Director of Ca Mau Gas Company, said: it is important to find new things with more advantages than the old ones. Love to work, patience and responsibility are important, but there should be basic knowledge to have good initiative.
Addressing at the event, Mr. Phung Dinh Thuc, Chairman of Board of Director from Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group praised achievements in the propaganda of distinctive labors, creative labors in oil and gas sector in the past few years. He confirmed that the initiatives and inventions which have been praised have played an important role in the strong development of Vietnam oil and gas sector, contributing to the creative working propaganda in the whole country.

Praising more than distinctive labors in Vietnamese Oil and Gas sector.

Mr. Phung Dinh Thuc shared his expectation that Vietnamese Oil and Gas sector’s Trade Union will continue to organize and encourage labors to further promote creative working spirit, contributing to the success of developing acceleration strategy of Vietnam National Oil and Gas group.

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