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PV OIL and the social security itinerary

During the years, activities of social security of Petrovietnam Oil Corporation (PV Oil) has stretched across the country, with a budget of nearly 200 billion vietnamdong... By those activities, many poor families have new homes; many localities have new spacious  schools, especially The "Illuminate beliefs" fun by PV OIL operating for nearly 9 years, helped nearly 800 poor,  particularly difficult students, chase their University Dream.

Throughout the length of the country

PV Oil is very actively involved in visiting cadres activities, workers, civil servants, employees, the implementation of social security and charities across the country. In the last days of 2015, a lot of activities, visiting and supporting low-income employees  and disadvantaged and difficult circumstances are priority concern of PV OIL. According to PV Oil Unions, Tet Binh Than  2016, the Corporations has deducted from the Fund "PV OIL with same heart" to support for 288 employees with a total amount of 432 million. Estimated of all units in PV OIL nearly 1 billion.

Also in the past year, besides visiting, support employees, PV Oil has implemented various charitable activities and social security. PV Oil has support building houses for poor families in the province of Kien Giang, Ca Mau and Bac Lieu totaling 6 billion. At the same time, PV Oil has supported construction of Son le kindergartens, Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province with a cost of 3.5 billion. And supporting Vietnam General Confederation of Labour amount of 2 billion to implement social security programs across the country. Especially in the last 3 years, PVOIL has been supporting the “Illuminate beliefs” with amount to 6.5 billion.
Since its establishment (6-6-2008), besides always completing production and business duties, PV OIL delivery perform many activities of social security...the total amount of PV Oil has funded nearly 200 billion for social security and charitable activities.

Illuminate the studious dream

The "Illuminate Beliefs" has established in 2007 by the members of PetroVietnam, operate on the principle of voluntary and non-profit. PV OIL role as executive. After 3 years of operation, May 6-2011, the Fund has been recognized by the Ministry of Interior as a legal personality socialization funds. Since the inception, the fund received a lot of attention and support from organizations, businesses and individuals in the country and internationally.
Nguyen Duy Phuong, the Medical College Can Tho Students, born in poor families, life is tied to the difficulties, sadness unspeakable. His parents always tried their best to feed six children to school. There were many times he thought about quitting of from schook to money with their parents, but with the encouragement of his family continue to dream to go to school. Duy Phuong promised himself will try to have a better future than the parents... Fortunately, The "Illuminate Beliefs” fund helped Phuong pursuing his dream. The "Illuminate Beliefs" Fund have give him more energy to overcome difficult times.

Nguyen Minh Tuan also a student at Danang Polytechnic University, currently studying in France said that, he was born in an agricultural family, poverty. But now when he is in France and reconsider all of what he has achieved is like a miracle. Thanks for the great family of funds " The "Illuminate Beliefs" gave him more strength, confidence and to follow his dreams for  a better life. And he hope that the "Illuminate Beliefs” fund will increasingly have more miracles to illuminate faith for those studious students with difficult circumstances.


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