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Vietnam Offroad PVOIL Cup 2020, which inherits advantages of last year’s tournament is expected to have notable changes and new features focusing on testing routes.

The list of competitors has been finalized and athletes are under active training, while the organizers are rushing to complete the final steps of the tournament organization.

At this moment, reporter OtofunNews has an interview with Mr. Nguyen Duc Hoang - Head of the Organization Board of the PVOIL VOC 2020 for new and remarkable features of this year’s event.


Mr. Nguyen Duc Hoang - Head of Organization Board of PVOIL VOC 2020

Firstly, Hoang affirmed that PVOIL VOC 2020 will inherit the advantages of the previous seasons, including Maintaining the number of racing teams of 80 and 160 racers; Racing categories (Vietnam pick-up, Basic, Advanced, Expand); Continuing with the night competition (Adventure); Maintaining shuttle bus system (free shuttle bus service from the center to the venue); Deploying side competition programs (Drift show, test drive, off-road experience to serve the audience).

In addition to familiar features, PVOIL VOC 2020 will also have notable changes and new points including:

1. Scoring system

The organizers of PVOIL VOC 2020 will introduce new improvements helping the scoring system more accuracy: "Last year, during the competition, dust affected the grading process in some test lines, such as line No. 2. This year the monitoring system will be upgraded for better efficient."

Thanks to experience from PVOIL VOC 2019, this year, organizers will upgrade the monitor system helping the scoring system be more accuracy.

2. Competition route

According to head of the Organization Board, the new points of PVOIL VOC 2020 are closely linked to the design of the racing track: “This year, there will be several parties getting involved in designing the racing tracks. The experienced people have organized off-road tournaments or participated in off-road in Vietnam since the early years”.

Not only having changes in terms of personnel, this year, the organizers decided to separate works into two groups which are design team and construction team: “Design is a separate team. The design team supervises the construction process, while the construction task will be done by contractors. Thus, the design of the road will not depend on one individual. Therefore, the testing will not be leaked, creating more fairness for the athletes and surprised for the teams and will bring more excitement and joy when they win such a challenging exams”.

From 2020, the designing team and the construction team will be separated to ensure confidentiality and surprise for the exams.

In addition, the organizers will also calculate to make the Advanced and Extended exams at the tournament more challenging. There could be private testing routes without overlapping routes of the lower grades: “Participating in the competition for these two grades, both racers and the vehicle should be professional, so the routes are required more challenging”, Hoang explained.

3. Competition Card (Otofun Racing License)

There is another special point for this year’s competition. From this year, OTOFUN will officially issue cards to the athletes. With this card, in the next tournaments organized by OTOFUN in the future, competitors will be able to join the contest. Hoang emphasized: “The card is issued free of charge, valid for a period of 10 years and is open to all OTOFUN competitors such as VOC, GOC or VAGC”.


The card is issued free of charge, valid for a period of 10 years and is open to all players who have participated in the OTOFUN tournaments such as VOC, GOC or VAGC.

The competition card acknowledges the athletes for participating in the tournaments organized by OTOFUN and helps them to reduce the registration time and provide information: “When we organize the tournament, the athletes will have to provide \information from personal information, main driver information, auxiliary driver, competitive performance, information about vehicle, shirt size, blood type ... With this card, the information was already added to OTOFUN'S database. Later, these participants can register by email, phone number, card number ...They need to update the changed information. It means that the match card will make the registration process easier”.

In the future tournaments, organizers will give priority to announce the cardholders and register for them.

The head of PVOIL VOC 2020 organization board hopes: “In the future, we may coordinate with with different organizations to provide incentive programs for cardholders of OTOFUN such as incentives when using tire service or buying goods at Tirefun, or offering discounts when buying and selling upgraded cars for competition”.

4. Quality of athletes

Due to the pandemic, there are a few sport tournaments this year and car racing is even fewer. It is why of athletes participating the PVOIL VOC tournament this year increases. Looking at the list of 80 racing teams, it can be seen that several familiar competitors returning to play off-road, several athletes have achieved good results not only at the VOC but also in other tournaments. Of course, there are also new but promising participants.

PVOIL VOC 2020 has several strong teams, especially in the Open category. The racers with better vehicles and combat experience are now dependent on the track. If there are difficult routes that require skills and good cars, the audience will have a chance to witness a very interesting PVOIL VOC 2020 season.

PVOIL VOC 2020 gathers many strong teams, especially in the Open category.

5. Returning photos to athletes on the match day

Racers participating in the Otofun Marathon 2019 must remember the beautiful - unique - photos received on the day of the competition (the first and only tournament to return their photos on the same day).

Usually, in VOC tournaments, athletes will receive photos in about 1 week. In 2019, with the efforts of the entire Media team, photos of all teams were returned after 3 days. However, this year the athletes will not have to wait. Organizers of PVOIL VOC 2020 decided to use AI image filtering software to help returning photos to all 80 teams on the same day.

In conclusion, the PVOIL VOC 2020 will be a combination of learnings and improvements with the final purpose to give the athletes a refreshing playground, and give the audience unique performances.

The prize will officially “explode” on September 26 and 27, 2020 at a familiar place - the Vietnam Village for Ethnic Culture, Dong Mo, Hanoi.


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